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Perfecting the formula for a greener world.

An important component of our Growing Green initiative is our commitment to environmentally friendly chemistries and technologies. Technologies that make a significant contribution to your return on the environment span biotechnologies, greener technologies and real-time monitoring programs that focus on improving plant performance.

Internationally, Buckman has brought biotechnology to the forefront. We are leading the charge in the use of enzyme-based solutions to, improve plant operating efficiencies, address specific hazardous components in your water treatment plants and at the same time reduce environmental impact.


Greener Chemistries
At every stage of R&D, we consider the environmental impact of not only what we produce but also how we produce it. Our efforts have led to:

  • The introduction of safer, more readily degradable biocides and effective and more environmentally friendly alternative approaches to microorganism control.
  • Continually striving towards enhanced/improved corrosion control applying all organic and P-free water treatment programs.
  • Continual focus on utilizing renewable raw materials whenever possible and employing manufacturing processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.


Protect your water systems with Oxamine from Buckman.

Now you can get a water treatment program that's tougher on microbiological activity, easier on the environment. The Oxamine system from Buckman combines smart chemistry and proprietary feeding and monitoring equipment to bring you a stable chloramine water treatment you can feel good about. In fact, Oxamine is a mineral formulation and produces no organic toxins, making it the greenest technology on the market.

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EZe Monitor®

Real-time plant monitoring and process control

Our online plant monitoring system, EZe Monitor, goes well beyond simply reporting chemistry concentrations. Applied with another Buckman leader, Buckman OnSite, it gives you visibility of key process parameters in real time to ensure optimum plant performance at all times at your site or anywhere in the world. Our Buckman Process Counsellor for boilers and heat exchangers provides process deviation warnings in real time. This allows active operator coaching and continuous risk management before deviations cause safety incidents or escalate costs. This addresses all three pillars of suatainabilty for your operation.

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