US Supplier Diversity Policy

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Buckman USA hereinafter referred to as “Buckman” is committed to pursuing sustainable business relationships with Diverse Suppliers for the purpose of promoting growth and development opportunities to minority and women-owned businesses while obtaining the appropriate value for Buckman. The practices associated with this policy are in keeping with Buckman’s firm commitments to Community, Code of Ethics, Sustainability, and other Buckman Fundamentals.

Buckman’s supplier diversity objectives are:

  • To proactively seek qualified minority-owned and women-owned business enterprises that can provide high-quality materials and\or services in a competitive market.
  • To provide access and opportunities to Diverse Suppliers.
  • To foster Diverse Supplier relationships once they have been established.
  • To encourage participation and support of supplier diversity by major non-diverse suppliers to Buckman.

Supplier diversity procurement guidelines:
Buckman USA’s Procurement Team will proactively lead the charge in pursuing, developing, and fostering relationships with Diverse Suppliers utilizing local agencies and other contacts to identify potential Diverse Suppliers targets, as well as providing access and opportunities for Diverse Suppliers that reach out to Buckman.

Procurement may also identify specific spend categories in need of a qualified source whereby it is mutually beneficial to assist in developing a Diverse Supplier. In such cases, Buckman will work with the supplier and internal interfaces to provide coaching, training, and\or other developmental assistance to establish the right source for Buckman requirements, creating a mutually beneficial business arrangement. To be recognized as a Diverse Supplier to Buckman, a minority or women-owned business must be certified by a third party recognized for minority certification; examples of such third party organizations include:

  • Mid-South Minority Business Council
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Diverse Suppliers must have the capabilities required to provide the right value to meet the subject business need. This includes quality, service, insurance coverage, competitive cost, and other performance criteria applicable to the specific material and\or service being provided. Preference will be given to Diverse Suppliers, if all other pertinent variables are deemed equal. Quarterly reports will be published to provide detail on Diverse Supplier spend:

  • First Tier Dollars spent with Diverse Suppliers
  • Second Tier Dollars spent with Diverse Suppliers by Buckman, Inc. suppliers (Indirect)

In addition, periodic updates on specific Diverse Supplier initiatives will be provided to Senior Management.


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