Traitement des eaux


Tough as leather on your toughest water challenges.

Buckman draws on decades of on-site experience and in-depth lab research to solve water-related challenges in hide and skin processing, from beamhouse to tanyard. Our proven technologies, including microorganism control programs, biodegradable sanitizers and preservatives, FDA-approved products, and leading-edge enzymes, can help you meet environmental and other legislative discharge requirements and keep your operation running at top efficiency.

Look to us to help you reduce or eliminate salt, remove fats and greases from effluents, recover animal feed processes, control foam, reduce COD and BOD in effluents, recover effluent for reuse, control odors, and even optimize combustion and minimize air pollution in your boilers.

Talk to us about all your water-related challenges. We will work with you to develop programs that have a demonstrable return on your investment and that meet today's sustainability challenges effectively and affordably.


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