Pulp Washing Aids

Washing aid chemistries improve pulp brightness, BSW efficiency and pulp drainage

Buckman offers washing aids for pulp to improve pulp brightness, brown stock washer (BSW) efficiency and pulp drainage as well as entrained air monitoring technology.

Comprehensive product line of pulp washing aids including:

  • Bubreak® and DrainEdge™ ranges of silicone, organo-siloxane, and oil-based defoamers
  • Excellent foam knockdown, foam persistency, and entrained air removal efficiencies
  • Specifically designed for the wood species, the type of washers and the final pulp products to improve brown stock washing efficiency and pulp drainage to reduce chemicals consumption and environmental pollution
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimized silicone carryover to finished pulp and downstream processes

Comprehensive solution provider including:

  • Design and supply dosing system which caters for multiple dosing points
  • Carefully select the most optimum dosing point based on the selected defoamer characteristics to achieve best performance
  • Closed loop control and smart pump to deal with specific issue

Monitoring and Control Strategy

Full range of services to optimize washing aid applications

  • Brown stock washer (BSW) runnability
  • Entrained air monitoring technology
  • Defoamer usage and washing efficiency
  • Shower water flow
  • Black liquor solid
  • Pulp cleanliness in terms of soda losses and conductivity
  • Oxygen delignification chemicals and oxygen consumption
  • Bleaching efficiency and chemicals consumption
  • Pulp brightness and dirt count