TAD and NTT Chemistries

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    TAD+® coating chemicals for TAD, NTT, ATMOS and other structured tissue promote deeper pockets, greater definition and extra softness for your tissue products.

    TAD+.  More definition.  More softness.  More value in every run.

    The TAD+ coating package from Buckman features a unique coating matrix that works with your TAD, NTT and ATMOS technologies to extrude fiber from deep in the structured fabric, promoting deeper pockets, greater definition and extra softness. It gives you a cleaner transfer, too, with minimum distortion. And because it allows you to transfer at higher moisture levels, your mill can save energy and speed production all year long. And that can be a real plus for your mill’s profitability!

    With the TAD+ Coating Package from Buckman, the benefits keep adding up.

    Improves the sheet

    • Promotes deeper pockets and increased caliper potential
    • Enhances softness
    • Enables more complex fabric designs
    • Improves pattern definition on the finished product

    Improves sheet handling and transfer

    • Reduces fiber carry back for cleaner structured fabrics
    • Reduces consumption of fabric release
    • Reduces the need for sanding/calendaring of fabrics increasing caliper

    Improves runnability and energy efficiency

    • Enables transfer at higher TAD moistures (around 40% moisture content) to save energy and money
    • High temperature tolerant while maintaining the ability for coating to be evenly doctored and controlled while still protecting the Yankee
    • Lets you boost either machine speeds or energy savings — depending on your priorities
    • Reduces total add-on rates for further process benefits and cost reduction

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