Packaging quality

Achieve your ever-increasing packaging strength and productivity goals

The quality of recycled fiber continues to decline each time it is reused causing problems with production and final product strength. With market demands pushing strength requirements to new heights, mills using virgin fiber from integrated sites are also looking for ways to improve quality and productivity while maintaining or improving yield. At the same time, retailer requirements for reduced basis weight and shipping demands for lighter, stronger boxes create packaging expectations that are difficult to meet.  We can help you meet your production targets for:

Paper packaging strength

Improved drainage, machine speed, and strength can mean greater profitability for your mill and more flexibility in your production. Read how Maximyze® technology can help you get the desired results, whether you’re using recycled or virgin fiber.

Stability across your packaging process

Recycled fiber can bring issues to your packaging process in addition to reduced strength. These can include increased microbial contamination, calcium levels and need for more functional chemistry. Read how Buckman MCA can bring stability to your packaging process.

Improved drainage and formation

The Precision® product line is designed to provide improved drainage, strength and formation while providing stable retention and wet end performance. The Precision product line is customized to suit your system chemistry helping your mill to hit quality and productivity targets.

Advanced process control

ECHOWISE® is non-invasive, sonar-based technology for entrained air monitoring. In a packaging mill, it can result in increased machine efficiency, optimized raw materials and specialty chemical costs, and improved final sheet quality.

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