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Advanced Process Control with Sonar-based Technology

Get superior process control with ECHOWISE, the revolutionary non-invasive technology from Buckman.

Process variability costs money. It prevents your operation from running at optimum performance. ECHOWISE allows you to take control of your process, rather than falling victim to variability and suffering from the inefficiencies it causes.

By providing insight to the process, ECHOWISE assists our problem-solving associates in building a control method to boost the performance of your operation in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

Paper: Increase machine efficiency, optimize raw materials and specialty chemical costs, improve final sheet quality.

Pulp: Increase production rate, decrease bleaching costs, reduce steam usage in recovery, reduce soda make-up.

Corn Processing & Ethanol: Increase production rate, increase yeast viability, capture CO2.

Gone are the days of not fully understanding the impact of entrained gasses on the process. With accurate, real-time measurement of entrained air, Buckman develops control algorithms to drive your process to new heights.

What makes it different?

What sets ECHOWISE sonar technology apart from other monitoring options is its innovative, non-invasive design without moving parts or direct contact to process fluids. Installation is safe and easy with no required downtime. ECHOWISE is highly reliable and accurate providing real-time continuous measurement of your entrained air. Unlike conventional technologies, ECHOWISE is not maintenance intensive…no sample lines to plug and no calibration needed. ECHOWISE works in solids/consistency up to 20%.

How it Works

Passive sonar flow processing employs two separate, but synergistic measurement techniques. The first technique measures volumetric flow rate by monitoring turbulent “eddies” within the process flow. The second technique measures the speed at which sound propagates through the fluid to provide compositional information.