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    Buckman offers water treatment chemicals & smart technologies for pulp and paper utilities, such as influent/effluent treatment, recovery boiler leak detection, and more.

    As you look for ways to conserve resources and maximize efficiency in pulp and papermaking, there’s one resource that’s always available in full supply. Buckman. Our advanced chemistries and innovative solutions can successfully address water treatment issues throughout your mill, from influent to effluent and everywhere in between. By keeping your systems clean and performing at their highest level, Buckman can help make your entire mill more efficient and competitive. We can provide technologies for:

    • Influent and effluent treatment using our innovative greener chemistries, such as our newest microbicide that is easier on the environment
    • Water recovery and reuse processes, including liquid-solid separation, filtration, thermal and membrane desalination
    • Cooling water and boiler water treatment
    • Energy efficiencies to reduce your carbon footprint
    • Process integrity
    • Odor control
    • Safety – Our recovery boiler leak detection system can provide a safer working environment for associates and protection for valuable assets
    • Other technologies, such as combustion additives for improved fuel utilization, reduced fireside deposits, and cleaner stack emission

    Oxamine® for Mill Influent Water Treatment

    Buckman offers a powerful microbicide for pulp and paper mill influent water treatment that is not affected by organic demand and reduces bleach usage by an average of 66%.


    Recovery Boiler Advisor

    Buckman’s Recovery Boiler Advisor is a comprehensive leak detection monitoring system that helps boiler operators decide on the need to perform an emergency shutdown procedure because of a tube leak.



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    Improving Monochloramine Performance

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    Ackumen™ MCA-i™ – The Safer, Smarter MCA Offering

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    Ackumen™ MCA-i™ for Paper Mill Influent

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