Buckman offers paper packaging manufacturers specialty chemicals such as enzymatic fiber refining to help improve strength and reduce basis weight of your recycled packaging.

In this competitive world of packaging papers, it’s not enough to make a stronger paper; you’ve got to have a stronger operation too. Buckman has a comprehensive line of products and expertise designed to optimize the strength and quality of your board while also simplifying logistics, saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Reduced fiber usage or reduced basis-weight through increased strength properties and calcium and starch stabilization are benefits of some of our technologies.

Some of the other solutions Buckman provides include:

  • Improved sizing, retention, drainage and formation (RDF) chemistry to reduce total production cost
  • Reduced steam consumption through wet end management and fabric management programs
  • Use of enzymatic chemistry for deposit control, stickies control, strength development, drainage, and more
  • Calcium carbonate and starch stabilization
  • Increased water reuse through better fiber and water management
  • Stabilizing the wet end to improve strength, runnability, and recycled fiber yield
  • Improved machine cleanliness using the latest microbicide technology
  • Many other unique programs to meet your production, quality, sustainability, and environmental needs

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Maximyze® Enzymatic Fiber Modification

Third Generation Maximyze helps recycled packaging mills improve drainage, machine speed and plybond strength while reducing costs and improving sustainability.


Optimyze® Enzymatic Stickies Control

Optimyze enzyme-based stickies control technology helps paper mills reduce downtime, furnish costs and solvent usage while increasing brightness and runnability.


Dryer Felt Cleaner Video

Watch this video to see how Busperse® 2449 cleans dryer felts while the machine is running.



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Enzymatic Technology: The Leading Edge

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Dryer Felt Cleaner Video

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Maximyze® Video

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Optimyze® video

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Gypsum Board Liner Optimization

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Busperse® 2449 Warm Dryer Felt Cleaning


May 29, 2018 - May 31, 2018

29 May at 15:30 – Attend the panel discussion on Leading Change to hear thoughts from Buckman CEO Junai Maharaj.

Visit us at the exhibition to learn more about enzymatic technologies for pulp brightness and fiber modification, microbicides for mill influent and paper machine cleanliness, and monitoring technologies for entrained air and recovery boiler leak detection.


May 30, 2018 - June 2, 2018

Visit us at the trade fair to learn about our enzymatic technologies for pulp brightness and fiber refining, pulp chemistries such as washing aids and scale control, and microbicides for influent treatment and machine cleanliness.


June 26, 2018 - June 28, 2018

Visit us at the expo to hear about our latest technologies for pulp and paper.