Reinforce for Recycled Packaging

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    With Reinforce, it’s all part of the package: strength, productivity and reduced carbon footprint

    In this competitive world of packaging papers, it’s not enough to make a stronger paper; you’ve got to maintain a stronger operation while reducing your carbon footprint too. Accomplish all of this with the comprehensive Reinforce productivity management program from Buckman. Reinforce is more than strength and drainage aids. It’s a complete system for recycled fiber that includes advanced technologies that enable wet end chemistries to work better. So your mill can enhance the quality of your board while also simplifying logistics, saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

    A holistic approach to strength in packaging

    Recycled packaging paper mills face two big challenges: declining recycled fiber quality and a reduction in fresh water usage. This makes it challenging to meet strength targets because your system is more contaminated, and your chemistries become less effective. That’s why Buckman’s Reinforce program incorporates a three-pronged approach to strength management.

    System Stabilization – The higher levels of starch and calcium carbonate filler coming in with recycled fiber today are quickly degraded resulting in poor strength, reduced efficiency of wet end additives, fiber damage and increased potential for scaling. Reinforce stabilization technology protects the integrity of all the valuable components in your raw materials, stabilizing the system chemistry and allowing wet end additives, including dry strength, to perform better and at a lower cost.

    Maximyze® Fiber Modification – Buckman’s award-winning Maximyze enzymatic technology uses the power of specialized enzymes to improve fibrillation for fiber bonding without compromising fiber integrity. Maximyze saves energy while enhancing drainage and strength.

    Precision® Wet End Chemistries – With Precision, the Reinforce system brings new innovations to your packaging paper mill. The Precision product line is designed to provide improved drainage, strength and formation while providing stable retention and wet end performance. The Precision product line is customized to suit your system chemistry helping your mill to hit quality and productivity targets.

    Reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy and fewer resources.

    Reinforce technology offers highly active products. So you get improved logistics and a measurable return on environment.

    • Smaller storage tanks, smaller feed systems, fewer truck deliveries
    • Higher recycled fiber utilization
    • Reduced steam and energy use
    • Longer shelf life
    • VOC-free
    • Reduction in COD load
    • Effluent stability

    Maximyze® video

    Watch this short video to see how Maximyze technology refines fibers.



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