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    Extract more value upstream and down with Buckman chemical solutions.

    Whether your needs are upstream or downstream, you can rely on Buckman oil and gas chemicals and hands-on problem-solving expertise to optimize your revenue stream. We offer a comprehensive range of water treatment and process solutions that can boost production and quality, reduce costs and downtime, and increase profitability. All while helping you meet even the most stringent environmental requirements with confidence.


    Buckman works with you to provide value-added solutions to challenges faced in the oilfield. By employing both chemical solutions and application knowledge, Buckman helps solve oilfield issues in all stages of production. Our expertise encompasses microbial control, scale control, deposit control, paraffin mitigation, EOR, and much more.

    • Biocides
    • Biofilm control
    • Scale inhibitors
    • Iron control agents
    • Clay stabilizers
    • Organic dispersants
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • Flocculants
    • Coagulants
    • Asphaltene inhibitors
    • Hydrogen sulfide scavengers
    • Reverse emulsion breakers
    • Emulsion breakers
    • Not all services available in all locations.

    RefineriesMaximize petroleum production. Minimize cost.

    Efficient petroleum production isn’t just about refining oil. It’s about refining the processes you use. That’s where Buckman comes in. We understand that the refinery is a highly integrated and complex facility made up of individual process steps that require personalized attention and advanced solutions. Look to us for industry-leading process chemistries, water treatment technologies, technical expertise, and state-of-the art tracking and monitoring to help you protect equipment, optimize performance, and increase output—all while reducing risk and the use of resources.

    Comprehensive solutions from Buckman include:

    • Crude oil management
    • Desalting
    • Emulsion breaking
    • Corrosion control
    • Antifouling

    PetrochemicalsRely on state-of-the-art petrochemical solutions from Buckman.

    Buckman’s petrochemical solutions help you protect equipment, optimize performance, and increase output—all while reducing risk and the use of valuable resources. By staying on the cutting edge of technology and aligning ourselves with key strategic technology partners, we are able to serve as your comprehensive one-stop shop for industry-leading process chemistries, water treatment, technical expertise, and monitoring.

    Look to Buckman petrochemical technologies to help you improve performance in all these areas:

    • Quench tower
    • Furnace
    • Compressors
    • Caustic tower
    • Separation towers
    • Accumulation vessels
    • Water reuse and recovery
    • Microbiological, scale and corrosion control
    • Effluent

    FertilizerHelping fertilizer producers grow stronger.

    From ammonia production to phosphate rock processing, you are focused on efficient production, and that means paying close attention to water use, energy conservation, and process effectiveness. Buckman can help. Rely on us for:

    • Acid clarification
    • Boiler and condensate treatment
    • Cooling water treatment
    • Dewatering
    • Effluent management and water reuse opportunities
    • Foam control
    • Leading-edge monitoring
    • Water and energy optimization

    By combining the best chemistries with hands-on service in the field, we can improve your fertilizer production, reduce your environmental footprint, and increase profitability.

    Hydrocarbon/Chemical ProcessingThe clear advantage in water treatment.

    Maintaining system efficiency, plant integrity, and regulatory compliance has always been difficult. Now, with the growing need to conserve and reuse water, operators of chemical and hydrocarbon processing plants have a growing problem: more contaminants entering cooling and other systems.

    Buckman’s new-generation green technologies can help you better manage corrosion and fouling, so you can safely increase water recycling in your plant. Highly trained field service personnel, automated monitoring and control systems, and an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and cost reduction are hallmarks of our state-of-the-art treatment programs. For example, our new Buckman Process Counselor® and other control systems provides real time mass and energy balance information, expressed in financial terms, so you can make the informed decisions necessary to save money and increase productivity.

    If you need to drive sustainability, regulatory compliance, and system reliability, talk to a Buckman representative. You can depend on us for solutions in all these areas:

    • Boiler, steam, and condensate
    • Cooling water
    • Influent and wastewater treatments
    • Desalination / Organics removal
    • Odor control
    • Combustion additives

    Crude Oil Refinery Flow Diagram

    See where Buckman can assist you with process additives for your refinery.

    Fuel additive image

    Fuel Conditioner Concentrate

    Residual fuel oils pose a host of challenges, from sludge formation to a mix of carbon particles, as well as tars and contaminants, accelerated by heating. In turn, resulting issues can include tank accumulation, strainer clogging, and increased soot and equipment coating with gums and varnishes. While corrosion naturally reduces metal lifespan, the high viscosity of heavy fuels, worsened by the trend toward higher viscosities, can negatively impact equipment performance. See how DMAD can help.


    Oilfield Microbicide

    Dazomet is a broad-spectrum broad-spectrum microbicide that performs well in downhole oilfield applications under high temperature and high pressure...



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    DMAD Fuel Conditioner Concentrate

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    Crude Oil Refinery Flow Diagram

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    Stop Microorganism and High Chlorine Demand with OXAMINE®

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    Protect Your Water Systems with Oxamine®

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    Stop Microbiological Growth and High Chlorine Demand with Oxamine®

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    Improve Your Plant Influent with Oxamine®