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    Leather chemical solutions for each stage of the tanning process

    Buckman is the industry leader in microorganism-control programs and hide-preservation solutions. And our diverse portfolio includes superior beamhouse and tanyard chemicals, along with wet-end and finishing applications that optimize performance and meet fashion requirements through all phases of the leather-making process. Our global team offers expert consultative advice and proactive suggestions, sharing information to continuously improve our product line and service.

    In short, Buckman brings leather chemical solutions, industry knowledge and collaborative problem-solving to leather manufacturers around the world. Chemicals and chemistry, processes and people, all connected with a common purpose – to bring better quality leathers to market. This is “Chemistry, connected.

    Microorganism control programs that protect your product

    Damage caused by microorganisms costs the global leather industry tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year. Hide and skin suppliers and tanners understand the need for microbicide products to protect their valuable raw material.

    A Buckman microorganism control program, incorporating leading brands Aurora® and Busan®, is the global benchmark for performance and comprises three basic elements:

    • Process Optimization: Selection of the right product, at the right dosage, and applied in the right part of the process.
    • Performance Monitoring: Measurements to confirm the uptake of the active substance and compatibility with the processing environment.
    • Product Stewardship: Safe use of products within regulatory guidelines and market requirements

    We offer a broad range of bactericides, fungicides and sanitizers containing different active substances in a range of concentrations to meet all needs. Products are expertly formulated to obtain optimal distribution in processing. On-site methods and laboratory techniques are then used to measure performance, ensuring reliable results.

    Improve your process with Buckman Beamhouse & Tanyard Systems (BBTS)

    Buckman’s comprehensive beamhouse and tanyard processing technologies can save time, eliminate bottlenecks, boost yield and reduce inconsistency resulting in lower production costs and increased profitability. After all, leather is made in the beamhouse.

    Our BBTS products can help you streamline and improve every step – soaking, degreasing, unhairing, deliming, bating, pickling, tanning and effluent management. Our BBTS specialists can provide the expertise you need to help solve technical problems, enhance safety and reduce your tannery’s environmental footprint.

    Advanced chemistries that enhance the finish

    Fashion will come and go, but the commercial success of each crust and finished leather will depend to a large extent on consistent results coming from a balanced recipe based on quality products from a reliable supplier. Buckman technicians can help your development department create articles new to the marketplace; we can help match fashion items required by your customer; we can help improve performance results to meet demanding standards.

    We offer a wide range of chemical products including auxiliaries, syntans, neutralizing agents, fixatives, fatliquors, and finishing products to cost-effectively help you develop fashion and technical leathers that meet the needs of today’s marketplace.


    In today’s competitive leather market, being able to produce consistent & high-quality leather while demonstrating environmental improvements is the expectation of many brands and consumers.

    We understand that sustainability is a complex subject, and we look to address this in all areas of our business – view our latest Sustainability Report.   For the leather industry, sustainability considers the entire leather value chain from raw input materials through manufacturing and into consumer use with a view to supporting the development of a circular economy.  From a chemical supplier perspective this requires a focus on sustainable raw material sourcing, optimization of our manufacturing operations and, very importantly, technical support to help you produce leathers with reduced energy and water use along with minimized waste streams.  These are all areas where existing products and future innovations will continue to actively support the leather industry.

    In addition, Buckman supports industry platforms that drive sustainability progress such as the Leather Working Group and ZDHC where you can reference our products listed on the ZDHC Chemical Gateway.

    Short-Term Preservation (STP)

    Leather chemicals for short-term preservation of fresh hides


    Enzymes for the Leather Industry

    Your guide to gaining a competitive edge in the leather industry today.



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    Short-term Preservation with Busan.