Reduce sulfide, increase penetration rate of lime and obtain flatter, more uniform leathers with reduced wrinkles using unhairing systems

Buckman offers a range of products to improve the quality of limed pelts and reduce the levels of sulfide required to achieve complete unhairing.  Low sulfide liming systems enhance the sustainability performance of the liming process and include enzyme-based technologies and sulfide-free reducing agents.  Leathers with a flatter, cleaner grain and reduced wrinkles can be achieved with the use of liming auxiliaries which assist in improved dissolution of lime and increased chemical penetration.

Buckman liming systems include:

  • Enzyme systems
  • Organic reducing agents
  • Amines
  • Penetrants
  • Dispersants
  • Degreasers


  • Reduced use of sulfide
  • Lower levels of sulfide requiring effluent treatment
  • Increased solubility and penetration rate of lime
  • Reduced wrinkles and growth marks
  • Relaxed, uniform pelts
  • Finer grain
  • Increased yield