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Specialty Chemicals for the Power Industry

As the demand for energy rises, so does the need for efficient power production. Buckman offers a wide range of specialty chemical solutions for the power industry  and a commitment to improving your power plant’s performance…whether your plant is combined cycle, cogeneration, nuclear or geothermal. Highly trained professionals work with you to control costs, improve  plant operations, increase power to the grid and quickly solve daily problems, even before they become problems. We also help you meet today’s challenges for improved sustainability and regulatory compliance.

Influent Clarification

Our influent treatment programs help you produce high-quality water for pretreatment. Our programs include:

  • Inorganic and organic coagulants, flocculants
  • Disinfectants for microorganism control
  • Treatments for macroorganisms, including clams and mussels
  • Enhanced coagulation technologies to remove organics in plants with ultra-high-pressure boilers at the lowest possible cost

Ion Exchange Systems

Buckman provides resin analysis and cleaning studies, trouble-shooting and performance optimization with resin cleaning programs an regenerant and minimization.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Buckman offers performance trending, testing and troubleshooting expertise for optimum membrane performance and life. Our full product range for pretreatment and unit operation includes dechlorination, cleaning, microorganism control and scale control.

Steam Generation

Maintain cycle chemistry and ensure unit availability and reliability with these Buckman chemistries and services:

  • Organic oxygen scavengers
  • Neutralizing amine chemistry
  • Blended phosphate and polymer treatments
  • System performance monitoring
  • Deaerator testing and oxygen studies
  • Steam purity studies
  • Condensate system profiling
  • Boiler transport studies
  • Fiber optic boiler inspection
  • Modeling for water and energy optimization
  • DWD determinations
  • Metallurgical analyses
  • Startup and boilout programs

Cooling towers, once-throughs and closed loop systems

Protect your cooling water components against fouling and corrosion with a wide range of corrosion and microbiological control programs. Programs and services include:

  • Safe oxidizing and non-oxidizing microbicides and biodispersants
  • Oxamine®, our monochloramine (MCA)-based chemistry, for superior biofouling control in high demand systems
  • PCA Plus non-phosphate deposit control treatment
  • Automated control and monitoring systems utilizing Buckman’s proprietary EZe Monitor™ equipment
  • Zebra mussel and macrofouling control
  • New low and non-phosphorus technologies for corrosion and scale control
  • Advanced monitoring and corrosion failure analysis


Meet your effluent discharge requirements by removing oils, greases, metals and colloidal matter from your waste streams with solutions from Buckman. Our programs can also enhance biological system performance, prevent and knock down foam and control odor. Our programs include:

  • Antifoams, flocculants, and coagulants
  • Bioaugmentation
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Oil and metal removal chemistries
  • Odor control technologies

Dust Control

Buckman offers comprehensive solutions for any dust control and coal handling needs including chemical products, services, and CCR compliance and monitoring.

Oxamine® the Powerhouse Microbicide

Proven microbiological control for the Power industry


Eliminating Zebra Mussels from a Power Plant's Service Water with Oxamine®

Case story documenting the successful elimination of zebra mussels from a power plant's service water system.



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Water Recycle as a Sustainability Tool for Industrial Plants

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Keep your cool in the face of soaring bromine costs with Oxamine® from Buckman

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Buckman OnSite® Remote Process Monitoring for Water Treatment

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Protect your industrial water systems from organic fouling with Oxamine®

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Eliminating Zebra Mussels at a Power Plant

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Eliminating Scale and Increasing the Cycles of Concentration in the Condensate Cooling System