Buckman offers chemicals and smart technologies for Yankee creping, TAD and NTT to improve absorbency, softness and strength tissue, towel and napkin products.

Tissue manufacturers are looking for ways to make their products more absorbent, soft and strong. Whether you produce premium bath, towel, away-from-home, or consumer tissue products, Buckman can help you improve both the quality of your tissue and the efficiency of your operation. We offer a full range of products and expertise from influent clarification and fiber modification to creping products and lotions.

  • A full range of Yankee creping technologies
  • Maximyze® fiber modification enzymatic technology conditions fibers to save money and energy
  • Bubond® temporary wet strength resin to improve profitability and performance of bathroom tissue
  • Bubond wet strength resin for effective wet tensile development in facial and towel
  • Buckman on tissue machine, spray-on and converting lotions for improved softness
  • Buckman proprietary creping technology for light dry crepe, ATMOS, TAD, NTT and more
  • Smart technologies for monitoring Online Natural Coating and more


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Buckman offers a comprehensive line chemicals for tissue softness. Our new softeners, debonders and wet end lotions include on-machine and spray on lotions.


Coating Chemicals for TAD, NTT and Other Structured Tissue

TAD+ coating chemicals for TAD, NTT and other structured tissue promote deeper pockets, greater definition and extra softness for your tissue products. They also improve runnability and energy efficiency.


Yankee Coating Video

Watch this four-part video to see the benefits of using Buckman Yankee Coating. Also learn about our spray boom best practices.



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Enzymatic Technology: The Leading Edge

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Yankee Coating Video

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Maximyze® Video

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Optimyze® video

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Stickies Control

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Deposit Control Programs for Pulp & Paper


May 29, 2018 - May 31, 2018

29 May at 15:30 – Attend the panel discussion on Leading Change to hear thoughts from Buckman CEO Junai Maharaj.

Visit us at the exhibition to learn more about enzymatic technologies for pulp brightness and fiber modification, microbicides for mill influent and paper machine cleanliness, and monitoring technologies for entrained air and recovery boiler leak detection.


May 30, 2018 - June 2, 2018

Visit us at the trade fair to learn about our enzymatic technologies for pulp brightness and fiber refining, pulp chemistries such as washing aids and scale control, and microbicides for influent treatment and machine cleanliness.


June 26, 2018 - June 28, 2018

Visit us at the expo to hear about our latest technologies for pulp and paper.