Softeners and Debonders

Improve tissue softness without giving up tensile strength with on-machine softeners from Buckman’s chemicals portfolio.

There’s nothing soft about the market for softer tissue. Customers are clamoring for it. And they want it for a competitive price. Unfortunately, lotionizing is expensive. And conventional chemical softeners can cause significant loss of tensile strength and negatively impact the Yankee coating. Buckman has a better way. Our newest on-machine softening technologies can enable mid-market and low-cost tissue producers to meet both the softness requirements and price points customers want without sacrificing tissue strength. You’ll get higher perceived value, a better-performing product, and a new opportunity to build both sales and profit.

Buckman’s on-machine softening applications for tissue include wet end lotions and spray-on softeners that are easy to apply and offer improved softness without the drawbacks of debonding chemistries, which only improve handfeel at the expense of strength.

Comprehensive solution provider including:

  • Base sheet design optimization with customer
  • Design and supply of automatic dosing systems and spray booms.
  • Wet end debonders for tensile control
  • Wet end lotions for increased tissue softness without tensile reduction
  • Spray on products for improved surface feel

Capable of providing a full range of services to optimize performance of  softeners and debonders including:

  • Softness/hand feel improvement
  • Minimizing or maximizing tensile impact as needed
  • Ensuring a synergistic performance with the Yankee coating chemistry
  • Satisfying all current ECO Label requirements for tissue.