Connected to Sustainability

At Buckman, we are strong possibility thinkers. We are curious individuals, and we love to explore and take chances. By applying possibility-thinking to sustainable practices, we are making advances in innovative chemistry and technology that help our customers have better process control and less of a negative environmental impact.

This is a short summary of our much larger Sustainability Report for 2018 which adheres to the GRI Standards. Here and in the full report, which can be accessed at, you will see how possibility thinking has driven many of our successes by giving us the courage and commitment to do our best for our people and our planet. It’s through this thinking that we have, and will continue to pioneer new, sustainable solutions for our customers around the world. Whether it’s by installing electric car charging stations, using motion detecting lights to reduce energy usage or providing our customers with digital monitoring devices to help reduce pulp mill variability, we are making possibility-thinking a reality.

We are intent on taking care of our planet for future generations. For us, that work involves more than chemistry.

It requires Chemistry, connected.

Environmental Effect

Our company and our employees are dedicated to finding new ways to make meaningful contributions to environmental health and sustainability around the world, whether it’s developing greener chemistries, recycling or reducing energy usage. The more we can decrease negative impacts on the environment, the greater our positive impacts can be on our employees, suppliers, customers and communities. Our environmental goal is simple: zero negative environmental impact.

We set 10% reduction targets for 2020 for water, energy, emissions and waste intensities and are measuring our progress against baselines set in 2015. We are pleased to say we have already met our reduction goals in all but one of the areas.


Buckman takes a leadership role, working hard to improve the quality of life for our employees, our local communities and the global community we all share. BuckmanCares, our global community engagement initiative, dedicates Buckman resources—both financial and human—to three key focus areas: health and human services, environmental stewardship and education, with an emphasis on youth. Its mission is to ensure Buckman remains a responsible corporate citizen by encouraging and supporting the volunteer efforts of our employees and dedicating resources to our focus areas.

In 2019, BuckmanCares had quite an impact:

Empowered Employees

We place great emphasis on employee development, the exchange of knowledge and information and the fostering of transformational leadership skills. Training at Buckman is a valued driver of our business strategy at every level of our long-term plan. Linked to our value system, the notion of self-leadership means our employees oversee their own self-development starting with self-awareness. Only when our employees grow better and stronger can we expect our company to do the same.

In 2019, Buckman was awarded gold in the LearningElite awards by Chief Learning Officer magazine. This was the second consecutive year Buckman received the award’s highest honor. The award recognizes leading learning organizations around the world that display exceptional workforce development strategies that translate into business results. Buckman was recognized for its efforts in functional areas, including leadership development, use of technology, content development and executive buy-in.

Training for our sales reps is intense and we take safety seriously.

2018 Sustainability Report

We at Buckman are intent on taking care of our planet for future generations. For us, that involves more than chemistry. It requires Chemistry, connected.


Our BuckmanCares Initiative

BuckmanCares is a global initiative established to concentrate Buckman’s charitable giving in key areas and to encourage and support the volunteer efforts of our associates.


Aaron Goodman used his everyday job skills to help in Uganda

Aaron Goodman, an associate in our water division, and Beyond Uganda, a nonprofit organization, used their skills to design and build a peristaltic pump water wheel in a village in Uganda. The wheel provides a continuous water supply for crops and fish farming ponds, helping the Ugandan people fight the constant concern of drought and create a more sustainable living situation.