Connected to Sustainability

Each milestone we reach, whether it’s an emissions standard, a new safety measure or a new outreach initiative, results in a profound benefit for our business, our customers, our communities and our ecology. We’re a global company, so our pathways to sustainability encircle the world. And even though we are a private company, we believe in transparency because we want to share our goals and progress with you. That is why we create a biennial sustainability report to show our milestones, triumphs and challenges. We focus our efforts on the quality of our work, safety of our people, support of our communities and the protection of our environment. That’s an important part of Chemistry, connected.

Environmental Effect

Our company and our associates are dedicated to finding new ways to make meaningful contributions to environmental health and sustainability around the world, whether its developing greener chemistries, recycling or reducing energy usage. The more we can decrease negative impacts on the environment, the greater our positive impacts can be on our associates, suppliers, customers and communities.

We established new reduction goals for 2020, starting with a baseline year of 2015, and we are proud to report that we’ve already met and surpassed our new Total Water Discharge goal. We’re off to a good start, but still have a lot of work ahead of us. We will continue to push even harder toward these goals, because the true value of a company isn’t measured just by what it produces, but also by what it doesn’t.


Since 1945, the Buckman family and its many associates have given time and money back to our communities. Mrs. Mertie Buckman, the first lady of Buckman, personified the word philanthropist. She was a community leader who gave her time and resources to teaching literacy – a spirit of caring that she passed on to this company. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Kathy Buckman Gibson formed the Community Relations Advisory Council in 2009, with support from members in the U.S., Brazil, South Africa and our now-CEO, Junai Maharaj. Soon thereafter, our global BuckmanCares initiative was established.

“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.” – Kofi Annan

BuckmanCares was founded on three key focus areas: health and human services, environmental stewardship and education, with an emphasis on youth. Its mission is to ensure Buckman remains a responsible corporate citizen, by encouraging and supporting the volunteer efforts of our associates and dedicating resources to our focus areas.

In 2017, BuckmanCares had quite an impact:

Empowered Employees

Our goal is to provide associates with a superior work experience that gives them the leadership skills they need to grow and succeed. Across countries and continents, Buckman associates can share knowledge, think through problems and discuss the direction we’re moving as a team. This global span of ideas and insights gives us a competitive advantage that we genuinely value.

At Buckman, we continue our education and training because it makes us stronger – in the field and in the world. Teaching and coaching has become so deeply embedded in our culture that 30 percent of our experts volunteer to instruct training and orientation classes, and nearly half serve as mentors to junior team members. Our associates spend hundreds of hours a year training to become more knowledgeable and valuable in the industry, in safety protocols and in your facility.

Training for our sales reps is intense and we take safety seriously.

2016 Sustainability Report

At Buckman, we know that when it comes to sustainability, we’ve got to do more than “talk the talk”. So whether it’s on the trails of environmental stewardship, down the halls of financial responsibility, up the steps of human rights or on the bridge to social advancement, Buckman “walks the walk.” Taking the steps necessary to thrive for the long term.


Our BuckmanCares Initiative

BuckmanCares is a global initiative established to concentrate Buckman’s charitable giving in key areas and to encourage and support the volunteer efforts of our associates.


Aaron Goodman used his everyday job skills to help in Uganda

Aaron Goodman, an associate in our water division, and Beyond Uganda, a nonprofit organization, used their skills to design and build a peristaltic pump water wheel in a village in Uganda. The wheel provides a continuous water supply for crops and fish farming ponds, helping the Ugandan people fight the constant concern of drought and create a more sustainable living situation.