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    Additives to prevent microbiological contamination and other storage issues common in biodiesel

    Buckman has been providing additives to the refined and crude fuel market for over 25 years. Our product mix contains an EPA-registered biocide approved for ULSD application, and products designed to reduce problems associated with the transport, storage, and combustion of all types of fuels.

    We are focused on the treatment of biofuels, working to prevent microbiological contamination and other storage issues common in biodiesel. Busan® DFP and DMAD are solvent-based and are compatible with all types and blends of biodiesel regardless of the parent feedstock.

    Busan® DFP Case History

    Problem: Microbiological fouling caused a blocked fuel filter, resulting in system shutdown.

    Solutions: No fuel treatments were in use. Buckman recommended Busan DFP to control the fungal and bacterial outbreak, and DMAD to improve the cleanliness of the storage tank environment. Busan DFP is a solvent-based microbicide with a proven history of controlling fungi and bacteria in fuels. DMAD is a solvent-based fuel additive with a proven history of improving storage tank clean lines.

    The customer fed Busan DFP at a rate of 2.5 fluid ounces per 100 gallons (approx. 200 ppm) to their B20 storage tank. The customer repeated this shock dose when refilling the tank; subsequent doses were at the maintenance dose of 1.25 fluid ounces per 100 gallons (approx. 100 ppm). The customer added DMAD at a maintenance dose of 100 ppm.

    Results: Since initiating the treatment program, the customer has not experienced any shutdowns or reduction in flow through the filters. Regular use of Busan DFP and DMAD continues.



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