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    Buckman offers custom manufacturing services to customers and suppliers worldwide.

    With over 60 years of chemical manufacturing experience and technical expertise, coupled with a proven track record in providing quality products as and when required, Buckman is an ideal toll service provider.

    Outsourced manufacturing can save money in a number of ways. It cuts the cost of maintaining production facilities, purchasing raw materials, hiring labor, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Without the worry and expense of a manufacturing facility, customers can focus more resources on their core business.

    At all our global plants, Buckman provides flexible manufacturing capabilities based on customer-specific requirements. Our world-class production facilities are managed by specialists and engineers with expertise in the specialty chemical industry. Each location has a variety of blending, reaction, and storage vessels suitable for all requirements. Leveraging our existing volumes in these plants will ensure that the differential cost for manufacturing is kept low, reducing the need for a capital expenditure in a new plant, people, and machines. If we are unable to meet your specific need, then dedicated plant and equipment facilities can be installed to meet your requirements.

    Buckman has the capability to take a product from lab scale through to large-scale production, and can provide product in sizes ranging from cubes to bulk.

    Typical process technology consists of:

    • Blending/mixing
    • Distillation
    • Filtration/extraction
    • Formulation Halogenation
    • Formylation
    • Oxidation reactions
    • Packaging/microencapsulation Polymerisation
    • Reduction reactions
    • Refining/purification

    Buckman provides custom manufacturing that incorporates formulation and blending, material processing, SOP development, and full analytical laboratory support. Our extensive product lines permit a wide variety of combination products that make use of:

    • Global warehouse facilities – utilizing our existing inventories that are managed using state-of-the-art inventory control processes.
    • Leveraging our current global purchasing power.
    • Managing and storing a wide range of raw materials from a number of pre-approved sources to ensure continuity of supply.
    • Our extensive distribution network to assist in minimizing overall costs and delivery time.
    • Private labeling if required

    Buckman is committed to providing clients professional and reliable service and a commitment to safety, quality, and environmental sustainability.  Our facilities have certified management systems for safety (ISO 45001:2018), quality (ISO 9001:2015), and environmental (ISO 14001:2015).  The company maintains strict safety compliance, produces quality products, and is committed to pollution prevention through continual improvement.  All of this translates to a significant savings for our customers.


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