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For Graphics Paper manufacturers, Buckman offers specialty chemicals such as microbicides, RDF, defoamers, stickies control, enzymatic fiber modification and more, as well as smart technologies like ECHOWISE™ for monitoring entrained air.

As a manufacturer of Printing & Writing or Newsprint paper grades, you face increasing market challenges.  Buckman offers the highest quality chemicals, and then connects those offerings with the latest smart technology, advanced data analysis and rigorously-trained industry experts. All focused on helping your operation improve sustainability, productivity and product quality.  Look to Buckman for:

  • Improved retention, drainage and formation
  • Machine cleanliness using our latest microbicide technology
  • Safer boilouts using enzymatic boilout technology
  • Enzymatic fiber modification with Maximyze®
  • Optimyze® enzymatic stickies control
  • ECHOWISE entrained air monitoring technology
  • Improved felt cleaning and conditioning
  • White water clarification


Maximyze® Enzymatic Fiber Modification

Buckman offers enzyme-based technology for fiber refining to enhance paper attributes such as strength, formation, opacity and bulk.


Enzymatic Technologies: The Leading Edge

In this eBook, you will learn what enzymes are, their successes and what they can do for you. You'll be able to use this information in your journey to achieve high product quality, lower manufacturing cost and reduced energy consumption.


Enzymatic Boilout Technology

Enzymatic boilout chemicals remove paper machine deposits without using caustic.



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The right chemistry to lower your pulp costs

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Enzymatic technologies provide a new level of stickies control

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Felt Cleaning and Conditioning eBook