Maximyze® for Graphics Paper

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Enzyme-based chemicals for fiber refining enhance paper attributes such as strength, formation, opacity and bulk.

Our Maximyze® enzyme products are engineered to treat specific fiber types, opening up fibers for optimal performance so less refining energy is needed to achieve the required specifications. You can rely on Maximyze to help save money while improving paper quality.

Fibers before (L) and after (R) application of Maximyze.

Save money

With Maximyze you’ll maximize your cost savings because our enzyme-based technology can:

  • Increase fiber substitution
  • Reduce steam consumption
  • Reduce wet end chemistry
  • Increase production

Improve paper quality

Maximyze works to enhance these sheet attributes:

  • Strength
  • Formation
  • Opacity
  • Bulk

Maximyze® Video

Watch this short video to see how Maximyze enzymatic technology refines fibers.



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