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    Advanced chemicals for your biofuels production

    Advanced chemical solutions from Buckman help your ethanol plant cut energy and water use, reduce downtime, enhance equipment reliability, and streamline and improve production processes. These solutions include specialty enzymatic technologies and the latest smart technology tool to help monitor and manage your processes.

    Buckman is committed to ongoing research and development of water treatment and process technologies that help biofuel plants run cleaner, operate smarter, and produce more. For better process performance, Buckman can bring a new level of efficiency throughout the plant with chemistries that enhance:

    For better water quality, Buckman brings unmatched microbiological and deposit control for:

    • Pretreatment
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Boiler Systems
    • Cooling Towers
    • Process Waters
    • Wastewater
    • Utilities
    DMAD fuel additive

    Fuel Conditioner Concentrate

    Residual fuel oils pose a host of challenges, from sludge formation to a mix of carbon particles, as well as tars and contaminants, accelerated by heating. In turn, resulting issues can include tank accumulation, strainer clogging, and increased soot and equipment coating with gums and varnishes. While corrosion naturally reduces metal lifespan, the high viscosity of heavy fuels, worsened by the trend toward higher viscosities, can negatively impact equipment performance. See how DMAD can help.



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    Digital Insights Deliver Tangible Water Savings

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    Water Recycle as a Sustainability Tool for Industrial Plants

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    Protect your industrial water systems from organic fouling with Oxamine®

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    Eliminating Zebra Mussels at a Power Plant

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    Eliminating Scale and Increasing the Cycles of Concentration in the Condensate Cooling System

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    Drastically Reduce Effluent and Recycle Water