Our Leadership

Led by our President and CEO, Junai Maharaj, Buckman associates and leaders strive to take our customers to the next level of operational success. Meet Junai and the members of our leadership team.

Junai Maharaj – President and CEO

David K. Rosenthal – CFO Buckman International

Charles W. Westbrook – Vice President, Human Resources

Timothy L. Meek – CIO Buckman International

Jonathan Scharff – Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Lela Gerald – Vice President, Global Marketing

James W. Fitzhenry – Vice President, Global Product Technology

Brad Walden – Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Christine Staples – Vice President, Global Water

Board of Directors

Robert P. (Phil) Shannon
Chairman of the Board, Bulab Holdings, Inc.
Former partner at KPMG LLP



Kathy Buckman Gibson
Chief Executive Officer, KBG Technologies, LLC
Former President and COO, Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.



Edith Kelly-Green
Partner, KGR Group




Otto L. Heissenberger
Former President and CEO, Voith Paper North America




Junai Maharaj
President and CEO, Bulab Holdings, Inc.




Robert O’Brien
Executive Vice President and COO, Calgon Carbon Corporation




James A. Shepherd
Former President and CEO, Canadian Forest Products Ltd.




Larry Shutzberg
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer with GEC Packaging Technologies