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Enzyme-based chemicals for fiber refining can increase bulk, tensile strength and tissue softness while reducing refining energy

Our Maximyze® enzyme-based products are engineered to treat specific fiber types, opening up tissue fibers for optimal performance so less refining energy is required to achieve the required specifications. That opens up all sorts of possibilities in how you make tissue.

Fibers before (L) and after (R) application of Maximyze.

Improve tissue quality

Maximyze technology can help increase fiber bulk, tensile strength, and softness to enhance the quality of your creped products.

Reduce fiber costs

With Maximyze technology, you can reduce or eliminate costly virgin fiber from your mix. And you can replace 10–40% of your softwood with less expensive fibers and still achieve the quality you expect.

Save energy and other costs

Maximyze technology from Buckman significantly reduces the refining energy required and can eliminate the need for dry strength resins.

Improve your process

  • Reduce Yankee drying load
  • Eliminate starch usage
  • Reduce fines loading
  • Enhance runnability
  • Reduce dusting tendency



Maximyze® Video

Watch this short video to see how Maximyze enzymatic technology refines fibers.



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All Tissue Strength is Not Created Equal

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Maximyze® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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