Enzymes Are Nature’s Catalysts

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Enzymes are nature’s catalysts

Enzymes have been used in food preparation, although unknowingly, for centuries.  They are key in the creation of cheese, leavening of bread, beer and winemaking to name just a few.  They are also used extensively in the biofuels industry to produce ethanol from various crops.  In these processes, they help to save energy and resources, as well as improve the overall efficiency.  Enzymes reduce the activation energy required for many key chemical reactions in processing steps like those referred to above.

In the Tissue industry, we use enzymes to increase fiber strength without the negative side effects of refining or dry strength resins.  While dry strength resins are often applied at rates in the range of 2 to 10 kilograms per ton and require tanker truck deliveries every few weeks, enzyme addition rates are measured in grams per ton.  A tanker truck order of enzyme could last you a decade!  As such, tissue customers handle the product less and pay less for shipping.


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