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    Gen 3 enzymes from Buckman

    Buckman is basic in enzyme expression, characterization and formulation. We have been developing and applying enzymes in the tissue industry since the 90s. Technical capabilities have progressed from simple enzymes towards formulated packages that provide cost effectiveness through stabilization, fiber affinity and improved performance.

    Our patented Fiberlytics™ provides insight into fiber surface changes and predictions of final sheet strength based on crystalline vs amorphous ratio of cellulose and hemi cellulose content. This allows Buckman to quantify which enzymes work best in which furnishes to ensure product selection is optimal and there is right first-time success.

    These scientific core competencies needed to be developed in order to solve the negative WSR interaction problem so that the industry could use Maximyze® to its advantage across all grades.

    Our R&D efforts have allowed us to innovate the technology beyond its early capabilities. Today, Buckman’s Gen 3 technology in FME provides tissue makers with an unmatched, targeted approach.


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