Oxamine® for Pulp & Paper Mill Influent

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    Take the worry out of your paper mill influent management with Oxamine®

    Seasonal changes, heavy rainfall, drought and other factors can make maintaining consistent influent quality challenging. If poor quality freshwater doesn’t undermine your processes and equipment, overfeeding oxidizing chemistry will. And the resulting environmental impact can be significant.

    Traditional oxidants can be undermined by organic demand. They can adversely affect the performance of other chemicals used in your mill. They can corrode equipment and harm the environment. But Oxamine is different. It’s tougher on microbiological activity yet easier on your mill’s equipment, other chemistries and the ecosystem.

    Oxamine is a highly effective, stable biocide solution. Application is consistent and safe, using Buckman’s proprietary feeding and monitoring systems designed to save you money and increase productivity. Oxamine can take the worry out of influent management.

     Oxamine is a powerful microbicide.

    Oxamine is a powerful microbicide that is highly effective against a broad range of microorganisms. Unlike conventional treatment chemistries, Oxamine for influent:

    • is a unique chemistry
    • is not affected by organic demand
    • reduces bleach usage by an average of 66%
    • doesn’t cause corrosion (when used as directed) like bleach, chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide and hypobromous acid
    • doesn’t impact the efficacy of other chemicals such as raw water clarification chemistries
    • has shown improvement in paper machine runnability

     Oxamine is a greener chemistry.

    Oxamine is environmentally friendly, degrading into nontoxic minerals and producing no detectable AOX. Yet, it is more cost-effective than virtually any other oxidizing or nonoxidizing biocide. You can rely on Oxamine for:

    • stability over a wider pH range than chlorine and bromine
    • long-lasting residual effectiveness
    • fully traceable active chemistry
    • low oxidation potential
    • degradation to nontoxic minerals
    • no formation of organic by-products

    Oxamine fully automated feed technology comes with safety features.

    To ensure safe handling and effectiveness, the Oxamine solution is fed into the influent system using Buckman’s custom-designed chemical feed skid under the supervision of our trained representatives. Our self-contained feed technology offers:

    • consistent delivery—optimum mixing and feed control for high stability and guaranteed microbial control
    • no capital investment— Buckman owns and maintains all application equipment
    • automated alarms and a leak-proof, anti-flood design
    • feedback control to a total chlorine target

    Improve your paper mill influent with Oxamine

    Oxamine is a highly effective, stable biocide solution that is consistent and safe, too, using Buckman’s own proprietary feeding and monitoring systems designed to save you money and increase productivity. Oxamine can take the worry out of influent management.



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