Oxamine® for the Power Industry

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    Proven microbiological control solution for power plants

    Buckman’s advanced technology for the power industry, Oxamine®, is a monochloramine (MCA)-based oxidizing biocide program that works better than bleach and other conventional oxidants to control microbiological activity in your water systems.

    Oxidizing biocide that improves the efficiency of your power plant

    Oxamine is highly effective against a broad range of microorganisms.  The monochloramine-based program is more stable than alternative treatments and is much less affected by the high organic oxidant demand that often plagues most surface water systems. If your power plant’s program suffers from high pH, manganese, iron, ammonia or biological demand, Oxamine can be a better solution over conventional oxidizing biocide programs, like bromine and chlorine.

    Microbiological control that helps save your power plant money

    Oxamine dosage rates can be just a fraction of what alternative microbicides recommend, resulting in lower discharge concerns, fewer chemical deliveries and lower application costs. The lower demand of our oxidizing biocide typically reduces bleach usage by 60-70%. Your power plant will be able to cut chemistry costs and avoid downtime. Impact on other chemistries is minimized, reducing your overall treatment cost.

    MCA-based chemical program helps reduce the environmental impact of your power plant

    Buckman can help your power plant reduce its environmental impact both inside and outside the plant. The Oxamine program can help you lower TRO levels to meet permit requirements. It can also help cut back on chemical truck deliveries by as much as 65%, reducing carbon emissions, handling and the potential for spills.  Additionally, compared to other chlorine/bromine treatments, this MCA-based program is better at helping you reduce corrosion byproducts, chloride levels, and chemical discharge to lakes and rivers because it degrades into simple, nontoxic salts and contributes much lower amounts of chlorinated organic contaminants.

    Get started with Buckman’s proven microbiological control

    It’s easy to get started with Oxamine at your power plant. Let Buckman begin with an in-depth evaluation plan to outline all your requirements for a smooth transition. If you have power, water supply and space to set up an Oxamine generator, Buckman can do the rest. No capital investment is necessary for Buckman’s proprietary feed equipment. Your power plant is protected from unexpected costs because the equipment is owned and maintained by Buckman.  Designed for industry-leading safety, the generator has PLC-controlled applications with safety flush cycles and automated alarm protocols. Plus, our equipment keeps reactive ingredients apart using a leak-proof cabinet and anti-flood protection. Once we’re done, you’ll love the way our oxidizing biocide protects your systems and your bottom line.

    See the benefits of Buckman’s monochloramine-based solution to each area of your power plant.

    Water Intake

    Using Oxamine to treat your intake water can help prevent macro fouling throughout downstream processes

    • Reduces potential macro fouling from clams, zebra mussels and bryozoan
    • Lowers corrosion rates
    • Not consumed by natural organics in source water
    • Reduces degradation of treatment chemistries

    Filter Plant

    Oxamine can be applied upstream of clarification to provide microbiological control to downstream processes and makeup to RO systems.

    • Residuals pass through the solids and into clear well for downstream microbiological control
    • Reduces polymer degradation, which improves clarifier results and reduces chemical usage
    • RO membrane-compatible up to 5 PPM
    • Provides continual microbiological control in your RO system
    • Reduces biofouling and pressure drops

    Service Water and Fire Protection

    Conventional oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides can be replaced with Oxamine to control microbiological growth and biofilm.

    • Improves heat exchanger cleanliness
    • Reduces potential for MIC corrosion failures
    • Can reduce concerns about zebra mussels


    Oxamine generates a powerful return on investment for your power plant.

    • Prevents, penetrates and removes biofilm formation
    • Reduces MIC potential
    • Lessens potential macrofouling from clams, zebra mussels and bryozoan
    • Lowers corrosion rates of mild steel, yellow metals and stainless steel compared to other chlorine/bromine treatments
    • Improves and maintains heat transfer efficiency

    Cooling System

    Oxamine can be used in once-through systems or cooling towers to replace conventional oxidizing biocide programs.

    • Improves fill cleanliness and heat transfer efficiency
    • Helps reduce chloride and TDS levels, heavy metals, THMs and sulfates
    • Doesn’t precipitate manganese or drive manganese corrosion issues with stainless steel
    • Significantly reduces system corrosion compared to chlorine/bromine treatments

    Oxamine. The Powerhouse Microbicide

    Proven microbiological control for the Power industry.



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