Pickling, Tanning and Basification for Chrome Tanned Leathers

Produce chrome tanned leathers with consistent properties using pickling, tanning and basification systems

Buckman’s range of products enables an improved pickling, tanning and basification process for the production of chrome tanned leathers with enhanced aesthetic, physical and sustainability characteristics.  Where standard pickling processes are employed, penetrating agents will assist in faster and more complete acid penetration and more uniform pickled stock.  If required, chromium complexing / masking agents enable the pickling process to be reduced providing a more sustainable process. Where a conventional basification process is used, specialty basifying agents allow a controlled basification activity and avoid the occurrence of pH peaks, leading to a uniform end pH and more even wetblue color.

Buckman’s pickling, tanning and basification systems include:

  • Non-ionic penetrants
  • Chromium complexing / masking systems
  • Specialty basification agents


  • Faster and more complete acid penetration
  • More uniform pH throughout the pickle stock
  • Reduced use of strong inorganic acids and salt
  • Chrome tanning at higher pH via chrome masking
  • Avoidance of the basification process
  • Increased chrome uptake
  • Ability to produce chrome-tanned leathers with finer grain, improved tear and tensile strength and better fullness and tightness, especially in bellies and flanks
  • Where a basification system is employed, opportunity to achieve uniform basification
  • Reduced risk for formation of patches / stains in wetblues