Achieve a complete and uniform rehydration of hides and skins while minimizing defects associated with bacterial attack using soaking systems

Buckman’s range of products supports a thorough soaking process by ensuring that hides and skins are cleaned, fully rehydrated and provided with additional control against bacterial damage.  Wetting back agents and penetrants ensure full opening up of the fiber structure and enable other soaking chemicals such as enzyme-based products to remove surface and internal detritus including dirt, dung and non-structural proteins.  Buckman’s comprehensive range of soaking bactericides can help minimize damage associated with bacterial attack in all types of materials such as brine cured, wet-salted and fresh hides.

Buckman’s soaking systems include:

  • Bactericides for all systems
  • Wetting back agents
  • Penetrants
  • pH control agents
  • Enzyme-based technologies
  • Compact soaking agents
  • Degreasers


  • Minimized risk associated with bacterial attack
  • Enhanced opening up of the fiber hierarchy
  • Improved chemical penetration
  • Complete and uniform rehydration of all types of preserved hides and skins
  • Removal of non-structural proteins
  • Cleaner substrates for subsequent processing