Short-Term Preservation for the Leather Industry

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    Leather chemicals for superior fresh hide protection

    In challenging climates, degradation and putrification of fresh hides can set in quickly. Unfortunately, salting is expensive and hard on the environment. Antibiotics pose human health risks. And bactericides alone don’t effectively control the enzymes that attack collagen fibers. Buckman created something better.

    The Buckman Short-Term Preservation Program combines a powerful bactericide with a special enzyme inhibitor that safeguards valuable collagen fibers. The result is maximum fresh hide protection without salt, antibiotics or the excessive use of concentrated bactericides.

    Buckman’s leather chemical solution for short-term preservation ensures long term success

    • Extends fresh hide storage and transportation time.

    Because hides stay fresher longer, tanneries can become more efficient, reducing weekly truck trips and saving fuel.

    • Eliminates costs and labor.

    Buckman Short-Term Preservation eliminates costly salting and the time and labor costs of salt hide soaking.

    • Improves sustainability.

    Tanneries can reduce salt in the effluent, reducing impact on the environment. They can avoid antibiotics that may pose risks to human health. And, because the Buckman program includes an enzyme inhibitor, they can use far less chemical than is possible with bactericides alone. In addition, by reducing transportation frequency, tanneries can reduce CO2 emissions.

    • Provides more monitoring.

    Successful short-term preservation requires constant vigilance. With global expertise and superior leather chemicals, Buckman can bring to the slaughterhouse and tannery a higher level of personal attention, training and on-site monitoring to ensure effectiveness. It’s no wonder tanneries look to Buckman to protect nearly 13 million hides per year in South America alone, and beyond.

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    Take a Fresher Approach to Hide Preservation

    Busan 7600 controls both bacterial growth and the damage caused by autolytic enzymes to keep hides fresh up to twice as long as conventional bactericides, without the human health risks of antibiotics.



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    Short-term Preservation with Busan.