Deliming & Bating

Eliminate or significantly reduce nitrogen, improve your sustainability profile and achieve tighter, fuller and cleaner pelts using deliming and bating systems

Buckman offers deliming and bating products that enable consistent and superior leathers to be produced.  Nitrogen-free deliming agents and low-nitrogen systems support the production of leathers with improved sustainability profiles by reducing the levels of nitrogen entering the effluent treatment process.  Bating enzymes promote the production of tight, flat, smooth, clean and silky grains with improved opening of the collagen fiber.

Buckman deliming and bating systems include:

  • Nitrogen-free deliming agents
  • Low-nitrogen deliming systems
  • Bating enzymes


  • Significantly improved sustainability profile
  • Reduced levels of nitrogen in the process and effluent
  • Good scud removal
  • Flat, smooth pelts
  • Tighter, fuller and more compact flanks and bellies
  • Highly homogenous and consistent bating
  • Improved opening of fiber structure