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Boost the performance of fibers, machines, and final products with third generation Maximyze® enzyme-based chemicals for packaging

As recycled fiber quality deteriorates and the use of filler and starch increases, turning that recycled fiber into first-quality packaging grades becomes a bigger and bigger challenge. That’s why Buckman continually works to minimize the need for mechanical refining while maximizing the potential of every recycled fiber. With third generation Maximyze, we’ve made the industry leader even better. You’ll see the improvements in ring crush, concora and burst indexes for both refined and unrefined fiber. And you’ll see it in the bottom line.

Third generation Maximyze enzymatic fiber modification gives you much more flexibility in how you use refining to meet your process and product needs for drainage and strength.

Fibers before (L) and after (R) application of Maximyze.

This technology:

Improves performance

Improved drainage, machine speed, and plybond strength can mean greater profitability for your mill and more flexibility in your production.

Reduces costs

Third generation Maximyze can help you reduce costs every step of the way, including the costs of:

  • Fiber —Get desired results with lower-cost fiber
  • Energy—Reduce refining energy and dryer steam costs
  • Chemistry—Replace more costly strength additives
  • Transportation—Reduce chemistry volume dramatically, reducing the number of deliveries and storage requirements

Improves sustainability

In addition to return on investment, Maximyze offers a measurable return on environment:

  • Reduced basis weight
  • Lower steam consumption
  • Reduction in machine drive electrical load
  • Reduced refiner energy
  • Less CO2 emissions generated by mill activities and product delivery


Maximyze® Video

Watch this short video to see how Maximyze enzymatic technology refines fibers.


Maximyze® Enzymatic Fiber Modification for Packaging

Take your recycled fiber performance to the max. Treat your fibers to third generation Maximyze.



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