Precision® Production Aids for Recycled Packaging

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    Precision®. It’s how great packaging is made.

    For your packaging mill, efficiency, cost savings, safety, and performance require a high level of care, both in your processes and in the technologies you use. From more effective strength and drainage aids to products that improve microfloc formation and retention, Buckman provides the precision you need to succeed.

    Strengthen your packaging.

    • Improve fiber strength and bonded properties
    • Increase board strength
    • Improve formation
    • Optimize grammage
    • Use a lower cost fiber

    Power your production.

    • Improve drainage
    • Improve first pass retention
    • Increase press section dewatering and sheet consolidation
    • Reduce wet end deposition
    • Eliminate machine section drive limitations
    • Maintain performance in high conductivity systems where traditional charged chemistries struggle
    • Increase speed, production and yield

    Protect the environment.

    • Reduce fresh water usage
    • Reduce effluent total suspended solids
    • Reduce effluent BOD/COD
    • Reduce refiner loading and electricity use
    • FDA and BfR allowed for food contact grades

    Hit all your targets with Precision®.

    Precision helped one mill be more cost effective by reducing its strength additive use by 20%. Another mill achieved an ROI of $9,305 per day and another mill experienced 6-7 fewer breaks per month. Read these three success stories and more about Precision here.



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