Recovery Boiler Advisor

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    Buckman’s Recovery Boiler Advisor leak detection monitoring system gives boiler operators updated information four times a minute.

    The Recovery Boiler Advisor (RBA) is a comprehensive leak detection system that helps operators decide on the need to perform an emergency shutdown procedure because of a tube leak. The system’s sensitivity ranges between 0.2% and 0.5% of the normal feedwater flow to the boiler, depending on the availability and consistency of boiler instrumentation.

    The numerical representation screen showing the likelihood that the system is in an unusual condition.

    Value to the Mill

    • Dynamic mass balance based leak detection system
    • Also looks for the classic signs of a lower furnace leak (I.D. fan speed, opacity, furnace draft, drum level, etc.)
    • Determines relative location of leak in unit
    • Typical detectable limit of 0.3% of feedwater flow to boiler
    • Helps prevent unnecessary shutdowns
    • Provides a safer working environment around the recovery boiler
    • Continuous real time monitoring of boiler system components and processes

    System Advantages

    • Accurately differentiates leak vs. non‑leak situations
    • Reduces incidence of false alarms
    • Provides peace of mind
    • Archives significant events
    • No lapse in trends after short off-line periods

    An actual leak detection, with the history of the leak noted on the screen.

    Recovery Boiler Advisor Leak Detection System

    Buckman’s Recovery Boiler Advisor analyzes and compares data with its highly accurate mass balance based leak detection system giving boiler operators updated information four times a minute – that’s every 15 seconds – making it easier to read between the lines.


    The Recovery Boiler Advisor

    The main function of the Recovery Boiler Advisor is the accurate and sensitive leak detection over a wide range of operating conditions. Check out this key facts and figures sheet to learn more about Buckman's RBA.