Tissue Chemistries and Smart Technology

What challenges are you facing?

Tissuemakers are faced with a variety of challenges every day. Scarcity of recycled fiber. Rising costs of energy and raw materials. Market demands for stronger, softer tissue. Whether you produce premium bath, towel, away-from-home, or consumer tissue products, Buckman can help you improve both the quality of your tissue and the efficiency of your operation. We offer a full range of chemistries, expertise and smart technology.


Maximyze® Fiber Modification Enzyme

Enzyme-based chemicals for fiber refining can increase bulk, tensile strength and tissue softness while reducing refining energy. With Maximyze technology, you can reduce or eliminate costly virgin fiber from your mix. And you can replace 10–40% of your softwood with less expensive fibers and still achieve the quality you expect.

TAD+® Coating Technology for Structured Tissue

This coating package can help your mill save energy, speed production, and improve profitability. This unique coating matrix works with your TAD, NTT and ATMOS technologies to extrude fiber from deep in the structured fabric, promoting deeper pockets, greater definition and extra softness.

On-Machine Softening

This new technology improves your tissue softness without giving up tensile strength. Our applications include wet end lotions and spray-on softeners that are easy to apply and offer improved softness without the drawbacks of debonding chemistries.

Yankee Creping

Bubond® chemistries provide strong support for your entire Yankee creping operation, solving problems and creating opportunities that lead to a better tissue and more efficient tissue making. Improve your dry crepe, wet crepe, or advanced technology tissue and towel process.


What sets ECHOWISE sonar technology apart from other monitoring options is its innovative, non-invasive design without moving parts or direct contact to process fluids. Installation is safe and easy with no required downtime. ECHOWISE is highly reliable and accurate providing real-time continuous measurement of your entrained air. Unlike conventional technologies, ECHOWISE is not maintenance intensive…no sample lines to plug and no calibration needed.

TissuePulse™ Vibration Analyzer

As tissue machines have pushed speeds and Yankee diameters to new levels, doctor blade vibration, which can lead to Yankee surface chatter, has become a more common phenomena.  Buckman provides a best in class creping doctor vibration monitoring system.  The system helps tissuemakers identify vibration drivers in real time with respect to their locations, severity and types.  Operators then have data that can be used to determine appropriate countermeasures.

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