Yankee Creping

Buckman’s full line of Yankee creping chemicals includes adhesives, releases and modifiers for Yankee cylinder protection.  And don’t forget about our technical expertise.

Benefit from Buckman’s industry-leading Yankee creping innovations and technical expertise.

With unparalleled expertise, patented chemistries, and advanced technology, Buckman can improve your dry crepe, wet crepe, or advanced technology tissue and towel operation.

Get optimum Yankee performance

  • Adhesives
  • Releases
  • Modifiers: oil-based and surfactant-based
  • Protection
  • Softeners
  • Debonders
  • Absorbency aids
  • Stickies control
  • VOC reduction

Rely on our technical excellence 

Rely on our technical excellence to help your operation:

  • Achieve bulk and softness improvements
  • Low and high temperature Yankee applications
  • Solve reel build issues like corrugation, ragged edges and profile
  • Leverage your Yankee coating for grade development
  • Low moisture creping
  • Pursue crepe ratio optimization

Achieve money- and time-saving efficiency

  • Maximize creping doctor blade life
  • Prevent doctor blade chatter marking
  • Extend Yankee grind cycles
  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Optimize productivity
  • Increase blade life

Take advantage of our monitoring

Capable of providing a full range of services to optimize creping performance including:

  • Full Yankee creping process audits
  • Blade wear profiles
  • Infrared profiling of Sheet, Yankee surface and reel
  • Base sheet crepe counts
  • Spray boom and feed system design and supply
  • Creping geometry audit and recommendations
  • Tissue Pulse™ Natural Coating Analyzer