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    Automate paper machine defoamer application to maintain centerlines

    With stock quality and grade requirements changing multiple times per shift, your operators are frequently adjusting defoamer based on instincts and experience. Problem is, every operator is unique, and variables are shifting all the time, which just leads to more inconsistency. When you partner with Buckman, you will automate your paper machine defoamer application to maintain centerlines for every grade you produce. Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro can trigger a continuous control response, standardizing defoamer dosing to keep entrained air levels within defined performance parameters.

    By taking advantage of closed-loop control, you’ll essentially eliminate entrained air as a variable, so you can ask and answer other questions around your process. For example, should you adjust other chemistries, such as drainage aid, strength, or sizing? Maybe you need to investigate the furnish or equipment like the headbox, deculator, or fan pump?

    Because you’ve lowered the need for human intervention in process control, your operators and engineers will have more time for these important investigations. And as you eliminate variables beyond entrained air, you’ll make step-change improvements in stability—which means you can exceed standard operating capacities, while still producing the high-quality packaging your customers demand.


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