Vybrant® Pre-bleach Enzymatic Technology

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Vybrant® pre-bleach enzymatic technology can help you hit pulp brightness targets with less ClO2, fewer bottlenecks, and reduced costs and environmental impact.

If you ever have trouble hitting brightness targets due to chlorine dioxide (ClO2) limitations, experience bottlenecks caused by a distressed generator chiller system, or have simply wanted to reduce the cost and environmental impact of your bleaching program, turn to the enzymatic power of the Vybrant 700 series pre-bleach technologies. Our specially selected enzymes work to make Kraft fibers more receptive to bleaching, helping your mill achieve a higher final brightness without additional stages or equipment and with far less chlorine dioxide.  Extended trials have shown chlorine dioxide reductions of as much as 18%.

Speed up production.

  • Hit brightness targets more easily without worrying about ClO2 generation limits.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks caused by a stressed ClO2 generator chiller system in summer months.
  • Increase production by raising the Kappa number in the digester while reducing load at the recovery boilers.
  • Add incremental tons to your output.

Improve pulp quality.

Rely on Vybrant 700 series products to:

  • Target hemicelluloses, allowing your ClO2 to bleach to a higher final brightness with less reversion.
  • Add stability to the process, reducing chances of off‑grade pulp.
  • Reduce usage of optical brightener and dyes on the paper machine.

Reduce costs and environmental impact.

With Vybrant, your mill can:

  • Reduce ClO2 to save money, stay in compliance and protect the environment.
  • Cut the volume of water processed through the bleach plant.
  • Reduce usage of other bleaching chemicals such as caustic and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Lower energy use (less chilling and reheating of CIO2).
  • Minimize AOX discharge.

Hit pulp brightness targets with Vybrant

With Vybrant pre-bleach enzymatic technology your mill can hit pulp brightness targets using less chlorine dioxide, water and energy.



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