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Wood Treatment

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woodBuckman knows the importance of protecting wood to maintain its value. Without treatment, wood can be damaged by harmful insects, decay fungi, marine borers, and fungi that cause sapstain and mold. This can result in unsightly appearance, and increased permeability that can lead to decay. Left to the elements, most wood possesses little decay resistance.

Buckman has a proven track record for successful protection of lumber and the technical expertise necessary to treat and sustain the natural color, appearance, and brightness of wood, ensuring a high-value, marketable product. Once mold or sapstain is evident, the growth of wood decaying fungi is already prevalent. These organisms will rapidly deteriorate the wood, causing weight loss and structural failure.

Buckman provides a number of services to the lumber industry.

  • Efficacy testing to ensure product retention
  • Quality control of products
  • Assistance with dip tank setup and calibration of feed equipment
  • Regular business reviews to ensure our customers are seeing a return on their investment (ROI)
  • Environmental studies as required
  • Industrial hygiene programs

Fungal Protection
Buckman has a wide range of products for the protection of hardwood and softwood timber, logs, poles, posts, agricultural, landscape, and construction lumber. The level of protection and inhibition of wood-destroying fungi is influenced by the protective value of the chemical and method of application as well as the penetration and retention of the preservative on the treated wood surface.

Stain Protection
Aside from fungal control to prevent wood rot or decay, Buckman also provides products for sequestering metal ions to ensure brighter lumber and prevent unsightly discoloration. Our products provide protection against iron tannate stain formation when the lumber is treated in steel tanks or when water with high iron content is used.

Water Treatment
Buckman has extensive experience and a wide product range for the treatment of the incoming and effluent water systems in lumber mills.

Fire Retardants
The GS-200 series of Buckman Flamebloc products are available for fire protection of the most common varieties of raw wood. The products can be applied in the last stages of the milling process or during the construction process. The product must penetrate into the raw wood to provide Class A or Class B fire protection. The treated wood can be recoated with most common topcoats to achieve the desired finished look. In Canada, the products have passed CAN/ULC-S102 Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials and Assemblies and are now UL listed for this market.

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