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Buckman Laboratórios Ltda was established in 1971 in Sumaré near Campinas within the industrial State of São Paulo in Brazil. At our plant a complete line of products is manufactured for all South American countries in which we operate - Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. Furthermore, our plant supplies a number of raw materials to other Buckman companies around the globe. We also have sales offices, technical service laboratories, and warehousing facilities in Argentina and Chile to better serve our customers' needs. The other countries in Latin America are covered by time-tested distributors. This region also has technical centers for customer services and special research capabilities.

Our operations serve the markets of pulp and paper, leather, water treatment, sugar, ethanol, and performance materials with a qualified technical sales force of 80 field engineers.

With a clear focus on sustainability, the Company has been working to exceed environmental regulations, driving for continuous improvement with our customers – and with our own supply chain – and making important contributions to the communities located around our premises.





Paulo Sérgio Oliveira Beltrao - General Manager
Osmar Francisco de Assis - Manufacturing Director
Sergio Ricardo Ferreira dos Reis - Finance Director

Nelson Roberto Tomys - Business Manager

Victor Manuel Parra Palacios - Sales Manager

Contact Information

Buckman Laboratórios Ltda.
Via Anhanguera, Km 107,5 Sumaré, SP - Brazil CEP 13181-901
Phone: + 55 19 3864-5000
Fax:  + 55 19 3864-1621
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Laboratorios Buckman S.A.
Av. San Isidro 4602, 1o. piso
1429 Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone: + 54 11 4701-6415
Fax: + 54 11 4702-1060
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Buckman Laboratorios Chile Ltda.
Main Office:
Coyancura 2241, oficina 73, Providencia
Codigo postal 750-0759
Santiago, Chile
Phone:+56 2 2946-1000
Fax: +56 2 2946-1011

Las Araucarias, Pasaje 3B, casa 65
San Pedro de la Paz,
Concepción, Chile

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