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    Benefit from our specialized expertise and training to be more confident and successful in optimizing your most crucial value-add processing step — Yankee creping

    With unparalleled expertise, patented chemistries and advanced technology, Buckman can improve your dry crepe, wet crepe, or advanced technology tissue and towel operation.

    Bubond® Adhesives

    Our line of Bubond adhesives includes a broad range of high performance polymeric adhesives.  This range of properties is necessary in order to meet the almost infinite variety of tissue machine conditions within which the adhesive must function.  Because creping is a high speed, dynamic process, it is not just the final adhesion property that matters.  Other properties that must be optimized include how fast it develops tack, how it handles changes in the wet nip, how hard or soft it remains at the targeted creping moisture and temperature.

    Our polymer chemists use a series of internally-developed and manufactured pre-cursor chemistries to create the product line breadth necessary to meet your specific creping process conditions. 

    Busperse® Releases

    Our line of Bubond release aids are an indispensable part of the creping package. Their role is crucial in the adjustment of set time, adhesion and final coating matrix hardness.  Long past are the days when a simple oil was used to accomplish this portion of the coating matrix.  As tissue making has evolved from speeds of 1000 m/min to now over 2200 m/min, traditional oil-based chemistry could no longer keep up with the demands being put on the creping process. 

    Buckman® Inorganics

    Forming a stable Yankee coating matrix on the dryer, even when non-crosslinking adhesives are used, is still a complex chemical process.  MonoAmonium Phosphate is a common example of an inorganic used at times to help optimize coating matrix performance.  At Buckman, we offer a range of inorganic chemistry depending on the conditions.

    TAD+® structured tissue Yankee coatings

    Our line of structured tissue Yankee coatings is designed to handle the unique demands of TAD and hybrid structured tissue machines.   

    For more information about how we select the right chemistry for your given tissue machine, reach out to your local Buckman tissue specialist or fill out the contact form at the right to be put in touch with one of our global experts.


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