COVID-19 Updates

August 2021 Covid & Supply Chain Update

MEMPHIS, Tenn., USA – As we all continue to be impacted by COVID-19, both personally and professionally, Buckman remains committed to standing by the same principles that have guided us since the beginning of the pandemic: Taking care of our employees, our customers and our business.

COVID-19 and the Delta variant infection rates and hospitalizations continue to rise in the United States, and as a result some businesses, including Buckman customers, are requiring proof of vaccination for any supplier to visit their sites. We  understand and support this requirement, and encourage those who are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine to do so as soon as possible.

We are doing everything we can to minimize disruptions to our manufacturing and to our customers’, and greatly appreciate the continued collaboration with customers, suppliers, and employees as we navigate this crisis together.

We will continue to train and inform our employees and customers on best practices for pandemic safety as well as arrange new ways to remotely service our customers safety and effectively.

We are proud of all our employees who work daily to ensure we give our customers the best experience we possibly can, no matter where they are in the world. This pandemic is not over yet but with our team behind us, we know we can continue to weather it.

We would also like to provide an update on the impact COVID-19 has had on our logistics in North America. Buckman continues to see the LTL industry struggle with capacity due to short staff and high volumes. Unfortunately, 1 to 3-day delays have become the norm and longer delays of 3 to 5 days are becoming extremely common. The tanker market is becoming increasingly tight which is causing daily struggles to cover our loads. We have been able to cover truckload with only a few exceptions, while last minute and rush orders continue to be very difficult to cover for all transport modes.

We are continuing to schedule all shipments with as much lead time as possible to ensure the product arrives on time.

Labor issues at ports, high volumes, and an imbalance of equipment globally, are affecting the export market causing multi-week delays on orders. In addition, railroads are struggling to keep up with the volume coming out of ports which is causing major shipping container shortages around the country, especially in Memphis.

Please be assured that the Buckman team is dedicated to getting our product supply back to normal levels and meeting customer requirements as quickly as possible. Thank you for all that you do and stay safe!