Improve brightness and yield with repulping and deinking chemicals for recycled pulp

Buckman’s repulping and deinking chemistries for recycled fiber provide enhanced operation in the deink plant. Our product line is designed to improve ink removal while maximizing yield and brightness. Your Buckman representative and technical support team can design a program that is right for your operation.

Some of the products that we offer to help improve your productivity and sustainability are:

  • BRD® surfactants, which are very effective at enhancing ink removal in the process
  • Optimyze® enzyme-based products to remove and break down stickies contaminants to prevent troublesome deposits downstream
  • Busperse® dispersants and chelants to help reduce deposition and enhance brightness
  • Busan® microbiocides to control troublesome bacterial populations in your process and prevent the production of troublesome gases and byproducts
  • Bufloc® coagulants and polymers for effective stickies control and grey water clarification