Digester Additives

Digester additive chemicals help pulp mill improve heat transfer and reduce steam use and downtime

Buckman can help you increase yield with highly effective digester additives that work to:

  • Improve cooking
  • Reduce sulfidity
  • Lower alkali consumption
  • Eliminate recovery bottlenecks

We can also provide scale control chemistries for calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate scales. The result is better heat transfer, reduced steam use, and, best of all, less downtime for cleaning.

Comprehensive product lines including:

  • Busperse® range of Digester Additives chemistries
  • Design and supply of automatic dosing system

Capable of providing a full range of services to optimize Digester Additives performance including:

  • Improved pulp yield/production
  • Reduced AA consumption
  • Improved pulp quality (i.e., pulp viscosity)
  • Reduced extractive content (i.e., improve pitch control)
  • Higher production due to reduced H-factor (batch digesters)
  • Reduced cooking liquor requirement
  • Increased pulp yield/less chips needed for same production
  • Make up for lower sulfidity (odor reduction)