Dye Fixation Chemicals

Fix dyes in sheet, reduce dye costs and achieve shade specs more quickly with dye fixation chemicals for paper mills

Buckman offers paper manufacturers a range of dye fixation chemicals to fix dyes in the sheet, reduce dye costs, and achieve shade and specification more quickly.

Bufloc® coagulants are available for dye fixation in a range of chemistries, molecular weight and charge density. Laboratory testing is recommended to obtain the greatest synergy.

Anionic and particle dyes, unlike cationic direct dyes, require cationic fixatives to retain them in the sheet efficiently.


  • Retain difficult to retain dyes (i.e., goldenrod)
  • Achieve shade and specification more quickly
  • Reduce dye costs, especially deeper shades at higher dye use rates
  • Reduce unretained dye content in whitewater, resulting in quicker grade changes, saving time and cost