Entrained Air Levels

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    Connect real-time entrained air levels to efficiency and quality measures

    Of all the variables in your process, entrained air is the one that often masks many other issues. But because typical sampling methods are disruptive, infrequent, and inaccurate, air’s negative influence often remains hidden. When you partner with Buckman, you will connect real-time entrained air levels to targeted measures of efficiency and quality.

    Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro works non-invasively, using sonar-based technology to take continuous entrained air measurements every 1.5 seconds—feeding this data directly to your DCS, dashboards, or anywhere else you might want it. With this kind of clarity, you can correlate air levels with other process variables, such as deculator performance, machine speed, and sewer losses. As a result, you’re better able to identify the source of entrained air, so you can adjust defoamer application and knock it out before it causes issues. In addition, you can use these correlations to develop best-practice SOPs for every grade—creating a more efficient and consistent process overall.


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