Felt Cleaning & Conditioning

Keep your pulp and paper felts clean with our range of felt cleaning and conditioning chemicals for various operating conditions

Buckman helps papermakers protect their fabrics with a full range of felt cleaning and conditioning applications, including acidic, alkaline, neutral, batch and on-the-fly products.

Comprehensive product lines including:

  • Busperse® range that comprises acidic, neutral, and alkaline felt conditioners
  • Buzyme® range enzymatic felt conditioner
  • Busperse range acidic and alkaline felt cleaners, including batch on-the-fly and batch cleaning applications


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Application Strategy

Comprehensive solution provider including:

  • Design and supply of automatic dosing system for single product or dual products e.g., alternating acidic and alkaline felt conditioners or cleaners
  • Continuous or intermittent dosing with adjusted product flow
  • Appropriate shower bar location and nozzle design for 100% coverage chemical spray onto the felt surfaces

Monitoring and Control Strategy

Capable of providing a full range of services to optimize felt cleaning and conditioning applications

  • Press section runnability
  • Machine speed and production output
  • Sheet moisture profile and paper quality
  • Steam consumption

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