Predict System Upsets

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    Use hidden correlations to predict system upsets

    Because your process is a complex ecosystem of inputs, equipment, and human interventions, it can be difficult to root out problems when variations occur. When you partner with Buckman, you will uncover previously hidden  correlations and use them to predict (and respond to) system upsets.

    With deep knowledge of your unique operating  conditions, Buckman entrained air experts employ a scientific approach to document the impacts individual variables—such as hard cooks, Kappa changes, chemical and air levels—have on your papermaking process. As a result, you won’t just be able to solve issues at the source; you’ll also benchmark and optimize chemical dosages (defoamer and other additives) for every grade you produce. And as you work to maintain these centerlines, you’ll remove air’s impact on drainage and minimize the negative impacts of chemical interactions—so you can more consistently hit your quality and production targets.


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