Proactively Adjust Your Defoamer Program

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    Proactively adjust your defoamer program for continuous improvement

    If change is constant in papermaking, why do so many mills set up static defoamer programs that follow the same dosing points and schedules? When you partner with Buckman, you will proactively adjust your defoamer application for continuous improvement over time.

    Buckman experts regularly evaluate drift in your program—for example, as equipment wears out, new regulations appear, or you pursue different grades. Then through a combination of preventative maintenance, chemistry adjustments, and application best practices, you’ll make adjustments that keep your process humming along established centerlines. And because your operators will be trained on how to identify air-related issues—both surface foam and entrained air—they’ll be able to modify dosing points to eliminate foam in critical areas.

    This means you’ll be able to improve your process from both efficiency and environmental perspectives, reducing fiber loss, limiting deposits, and stabilizing effluent. And most importantly, with less foam and a higher standard of housekeeping, you’ll ensure safety for your entire team.


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